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Plastics recycling is essential for environmental stewardship — and we’re here to help!

At Engineered Plastics, we seek to be your one-stop shop for plastics recycling of post industrial waste — from buying to selling to tolling.

Our 85,000-square-foot recycling facility handles post-industrial scrap, including plastic purge runners; plastic wrap, bags; corrugated cardboard or fiberboard and more.

We buy from those predominantly generating plastic waste as a byproduct of their manufacturing methods and sell recycled products (i.e., regrind, reprocessed pellets) to those working with and incorporating post-industrial waste in their processes, including converters and compounders.

As your toll processor, we also convert your plastic waste back into regrind / flake or pellet, allowing you to reintroduce the product back into your processes or ship it to our molding facility to use in your mold.


Our conversion methods yield gaylords of regrind and pellets, as well as bales of film and paper-based items for use in your processes. A shredder and four grinders are used for all types of plastic materials. Our Erema® pelletizer converts polyolefin waste back to pellet form. For corrugated cardboard and similar paper products, as well as film plastic, Engineered Plastic’s baler is used for efficient shipping and selling.

Industries We Serve

Our recycling facility serves all varieties of manufacturers.  

While focused on the need of producers, we’re not limited to certain industries. The volume of waste is key in determining if it makes sense for us to work together on an application or across your business needs.

"Engineered Plastics has been a supplier and customer of ours for over 14 years. Their attention to detail and resourcefulness makes them an invaluable partner in an unpredictable industry.”

— Brian B., Sales Manager, virgin and recycled materials distribution company

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If you are a regional plastics-related manufacturer, contact us! We are happy to schedule an appointment, conduct a walk-thru, and help develop a broad-based recycling plan tailored to your needs.

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