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When it comes to assembly, Engineered Plastics does the job right.

Engineered Plastics employs a variety of assembly methods to suit your needs, including mechanical, adhesive, ultrasonic and more.

What if you don’t need parts that we might mold? What if you don’t use material from our recycling center? Don’t count us out for your assembly, decorating, packaging or distribution needs! While we love the opportunity to work on customer applications involving all three operations, our 60,000 sq. ft. Assembly plant could be a good place for your next project.

Industries We Serve

Our assembly facility serves customers in a variety of industries around the world, including:

  • Consumer products
  • Racking and storage
  • Retail display
  • Toys
  • Lawn and garden
  • Household appliances
  • Medical
  • Auto accessories
  • Health care
  • And more!

Engineered Plastics Assembly is not limited to working only in plastics. Reach out to ask about your project — no matter the material — and we’ll determine if we can meet your needs. 

Choose Engineered Plastics

Our expert team has the experience and skill for any job.

The Engineered Plastics Assembly team has decades of experience assembling and decorating millions of parts. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to identify the best processes for your job, while constantly seeking opportunities for continued process improvement.


We seek the best return for our customers, while delivering the quality and performance needed for end product satisfaction, whether they supply customer-owned components, we mold component parts for assembly or we assist with sourcing purchased components.


In addition to molding and assembly, we offer pad print, hot stamp and silkscreen, as well as label and decal application decorating services.


When your product is decorated, assembled and ready to ship, we offer versatile packaging options to suit your needs. Our automatic bagging system is capable of counting up to five different components to specific quantities, limited only by our bag size (from 6”x1” to 6”x9”). With accurate and automatic bagging and sealing, you can rest assured that small parts like nuts, bolts and screws are shipped accurately.

We most often pack in corrugated shipping cartons to full skid quantities, with capabilities to bulk pack with or without polyliner, in bagged quantities to meet your specifications, layer-packed with or without dividers, with kitted components in heat-sealed film, or assembled into shelf-ready packaging for point-of-purchase display. Whatever your need — we’ll meet it.

"Engineered Plastics has been our go-to manufacturing partner for over ten years. They are continuously looking for ways to improve machine efficiencies to help drive production costs down, which is vitally important in an ever-changing and competitive market.”

— Kyle G., Sales Manager, large-scale candle manufacturer

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