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About Us

Engineered Plastics is a privately owned, custom plastics manufacturer focusing on your industrial applications.

With three locations in northwest Pennsylvania, Engineered Plastics is conveniently situated near Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We serve various industries and a diverse portfolio of customers — including retail and point of purchase displays, lawn and garden, non-cleanroom medical, health care, recreational rack systems, toys, kitchen appliances and many more.

We Value Customer Service

Customer care is where we shine!

From handling inquiries and quoting to bringing production online and order placement, through to delivery, we adapt to changes of plan and help you meet your deadlines.

Processes and Capabilities You Can Rely On

Each of our locations has a unique focus: thermoplastics molding; assembly, decorating and packaging; and post-industrial recycling.

The diversity of our markets benefits our customers and our team by offering security during inevitable industry-specific shifts.

We serve several customers who prioritize sourcing domestic materials and labor. We’re able to keep costs low and help you remain competitive in pricing while providing products that are proudly made in the USA.

Industries We Serve

  • Consumer products
  • Racking and storage systems
  • Retail or point-of-purchase displays
  • Toys
  • Lawn and garden
  • Household appliances
  • Non-cleanroom medical
  • Automotive accessories
  • Health care
  • And more!

Quality and Certifications

The Engineered Plastics Quality Assurance Department works with customers to understand their requirements up front, then helps ensure everything is in place for success with consistently acceptable production. Our Molding facility is certified ISO 9001, so the controls are in place to help meet the expectation.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We monitor energy consumption, track against established goals and incorporate various resources and technologies to ensure we meet or beat expected consumption parameters.

For example, we reduced unnecessary electricity consumption by implementing high-efficiency motion-sensitive lighting and implementing clean energy power sources. We even consider aspects of our business such as fork truck use from the standpoint of fuel consumption, as well as pedestrian safety and operational efficiencies.

"Engineered Plastics has been our go-to manufacturing partner for over ten years. They are continuously looking for ways to improve machine efficiencies to help drive production costs down, which is vitally important in an ever-changing and competitive market.”

— Kyle G., Sales Manager, large-scale candle manufacturer

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If you have questions or would like a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can adapt to changes of plan and help you meet your deadlines.

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